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Re-Grip places great value on relationships and it is our goal to establish strong relationships with our Retailers and Wholesale Distributors. Our distribution strategy focuses on making it easy for the end user. To accomplish this, we strategically align ourselves with reputable suppliers. These relationships, based on mutual trust, translate to profitable business for both parties. There are many advantages to being a Re-Grip Reseller. Here are some of the most significant:  
  • High Margin Business
  • Unique Product Offering
  • Cost Saving Solutions & Benefits
  • Samples & Customized Displays
  • Training and Marketing Support

Point-of-Purchase Display Options

  • Shipper Display
  • POP Display Stand with Wing Panels
  • Shipper Display

    Shipping and unpacking couldn't be easier with Re-Grip efficient packaging. Each shipper comes with 8 products ready to unpack with minimal waste. The box is perforated allowing the top to tear off so the shipper can be used as a counter display.

  • POP Display Stand with Wing Panels

    Capture any shoppers attention with the Re-Grip POP Display stand. This Point-of-Purchase stand is the perfect sales piece to display and sell the Re-Grip. The display can hold up to 24 Re-Grips. The wing panels include easy to follow directions, sizing chart and usage ideas.

Packaging Features

  • sizing chart
  • trilingual messaging
  • installation instructions
  • To scale sizing chart

    The package displays a sizing chart used to determine the best re-grip product for your handle. Each package highlights the corresponding diameter and also displays the other sizes to make the sizing process easy.

  • Trilingual Messaging

    To help communicate our messaging to a wide range of individuals, we offer English, Spanish and French translations. This allows for versatility in a global marketplace.

  • Installation instructions

    In addition to a sizing chart, we provide concise and easy to follow instructions to help individuals install their re-grip.

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June 27, 2016



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