About Re-Grip

We are relatively new to the marketplace, but Re-Grip has already established an extensive network that includes some of the largest distribution channels and retail outlets in the United States and Internationally.

  The founders set out on a course to revolutionize the grip industry and to offer a product that could be used in every household, every factory, construction site, automotive facility, manufacturing plant, and everything in-between. Our product is truly that versatile and its diversity is our true value proposition. With the ability to cross over so many vertical markets, this product has the potential to change the way people look at hand grips forever.   Through years of research and development, Re-Grip has designed handle grips that provide a simple, yet economical way to add grips to just about anything. Comfort and durability were crucial to our design, as was utilizing components that would ensure user safety when using a newly gripped handle or lever. UV technology is used in the manufacturing process that allows our product to stand up to nature’s extreme elements. Our design team strived to provide the perfect product ensuring ease of installation.   Re-Grip is a division of Preval. Preval is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nakoma Products, LLC.


The Re-Grip offers a means of adding a grip to all kinds of tools and comes in multiple sizes.

February 16, 2018

Re-Grip Featured in Better Homes Magazine

November 6, 2017

Re-Grip Featured in Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment

November 6, 2017